This course is to help strengthen the relationship between Management in Perspective, Effective Leadership and Management in Primary and Secondary Schools; the later should reciprocate by undertaking various school improvement programmes. The co-operation between the school community and the environment should become a two way-traffic

Design and development of an online course with Moodle.
This a sample Moodle Course, created for the training of TCZ Staff. It is intended to help trainees, who are normally "Teachers", to explore Moodle features on the side of  the student.

This course is to enable the teachers, teacher educators and education leaders to effectively integrate digital technologies into their planning, teaching and management practices. The course will eventually enhance practitioner effectiveness and efficiency in knowledge, skills and use of technology with a view to improve learner performance and foster improvement to the quality of education in Zambia.

The course includes practical activities, case studies, and opportunities for reflection and practice on Education Management and Leadership

This course is to help promote the culture of professionalism and accountability amongst teachers, while ensuring that the legal and policy framework is upheld and enforced by the Teaching Council of Zambia